Does sweating make hives worse?

The answer is Yes! And Noo! Hives are a result of histamines production. These are chemicals that the body releases in response to an infection or stress stimuli. Therefore it all depends on the individual; your body can release histamine due to sweating in some people causing hives and in some people sweating won’t trigger histamine release.

So should you stop exercising because you have hives? Nope, you don`t have to stop. There are many excellent medications to treat hives. The best is medication so far is Oxyhives from It took a team of experts tons of time researching before they finally came up with a 100% blend of natural ingredients that can act instantly. The spray comes in the form of a sublingual spray so that it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Oxyhives has helped many hives sufferers throughout the world, which is proved through their positive reviews. Learn more about Oxyhives.

As controversial as it may be, in most cases sweating has been found to help with hives especially Cholinergic Urticaria. Most people reported that their hives got better when they exercised or were in a condition that makes them sweat. However, it is not really about the sweating; it’s about the heat. A high body temperature might cause a rise in the histamine levels in the body, which usually happens when you are exercising, and you get too heavily sweat and in some people lower the histamine levels. If you find sweating worsens your hives, simply adhere to low-key exercises during cold days or remain at home until your hives are gone.

If you have hives, there is a kind of lifestyle you can adopt to reduce the intensity and the period of the symptoms.  Opt for loose and comfortable clothes to reduce the pressure exerted on your hyper-sensitive skin which might worsen the condition. Stay in a cold environment and make it a point to keep your body hydrated. Avoid covering the area with creams as this can trap some heat and further irritate the skin. The best treatment for hives is avoidance of contact with allergens.